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Contributing to the gcix

Thank you for considering contributing to the gcix! This document outlines the guidelines for contributing to our project. By participating, you agree to abide by these guidelines.

How Can I Contribute?

Reporting Bugs

If you find a bug in the project, please create an issue on our issue tracker with a clear description of the bug. Include relevant details such as the steps to reproduce and the expected vs. actual behavior.

Suggesting Enhancements

To suggest an enhancement, create an issue on our issue tracker with a clear description of your proposed improvement. We welcome new ideas and feedback!

Code Contributions

We welcome code contributions to improve the gcix. Please follow the Coding Guidelines below.


Help improve our documentation by fixing typos, adding examples, or clarifying explanations. If you notice anything that needs improvement, submit a pull request.


Help us improve the project's quality by writing and running tests. If you're adding new features or fixing bugs, consider adding relevant tests.

Getting Started

To get started contributing to the gcix, follow these steps:

Fork the Repository

Fork the gcix to your GitLab account by clicking the "Fork" button.

Install Dependencies

Navigate to the project directory and install dependencies:

  • You need to have NodeJS already installed.
  • Ensure you have npx installed.
cd your-forked-repo
# This will install and execute projen
npx projen

Make Changes

Make your changes and improvements in your local repository.

Run Tests

Run tests to ensure your changes haven't broken anything:

npx projen test:update # ensures that the comparison files are updated

Coding Guidelines

  • Write clear, concise, and well-documented code.
  • Write unit tests for your code.

Commit Guidelines

  • Commit messages should be descriptive and follow the conventional commit format. See Conventional Commits.

Merge Requests

When you're ready to submit your changes, follow these steps:

  1. Push your changes to your forked repository.
  2. Create a pull request against the main repository's main branch.
  3. Provide a clear title and description for your pull request, referencing any relevant issues.
  4. A project maintainer will review your pull request and provide feedback.

Code of Conduct

Please review and adhere to our Code of Conduct while participating in this project.


By contributing to the gcix, you agree that your contributions will be licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

Thank you for contributing to the gcix!